Our mechanic has over 40 years experience in repairing everything from small power tools to large industrial equipment. You know what the cost of the repair is going to be before we perfom the work.


We repair power tools right here in-house. Whether it’s your switch, cord or any other working part, we can fix it. Our repair charges include the cost of parts, labor and tax. Depending on the size of the tool or the amount of time spent on the tool, labor will increase accordingly.

Turnaround time is on a first come, first serve basis and depends on the number of tools we have in for repair. If no parts need to be ordered it could be as quick as 1–2 days. If we have a heavy load and/or parts must be ordered for the repair, turnaround can be 7–10 days.

We repair the brands we sell including:
Delta Porter-Cable

​Customer Equipment RepairPower Tool Repair

Mower & Lawn Equip Repair

Chainsaw Repair

Pneumatic Tool Repair